Stonex HighGloss

Stonex HighGloss

Stonex Hi Gloss intensifys & enhances the gloss level of marble/ granites/brush abrasive finish stone/sand stones/slate etc.

Stonex Hi Gloss also provide wetlook/darklook/good appearance to the stone.

Stonex Hi Gloss is completely water proof & does not turn yellow thus can be for outdoor application.

Stonex Hi Gloss provides long lasting finish & it is very easy to clean & maintain the natural stone.

Mixing ratio-100 part resin: 35 part hardner

Apply evenly a thin layer with a paint brush, roller or cotton cloth, after 1 hour apply second coat.

For polished stones like marble & granites, first grind the slab up to 400 no. abrasive than apply Stonex Hi gloss, after proper draying.

You can polish it from 800 No. abrasive & onwards as desired.