About Us

Yash Polychem Industries is the prominent name in manufacturing of various epoxies, sealants and several stone recovery enhance and beautification chemicals.
This company is very respectable as Director of company Mr. Yogesh Saruparia (M.Sc. Chemistry) is a Qualified chemicals expert having depth knowledge of various application of chemicals/ epoxies/ water proofing to make stone / matural / weather proof. He is dedicated the stone industry stone since 18 years.

As per Mr. Sarparia, he has developed or innovated many products according to need or character of stone in order to incease its recovery, strength, fill holes, repair, enhance colour, sealer to make stone proof and stain resistant with colour and many more which have been dealt in the detail in this brouchure.

Mr. Saruparia belives only and only in "Least Speak High Performance"