1. Stonex Epoxy 150 CB is Useful on Granites & Sand Stone Like Bidasar or Jaisalmer Where Epoxy Consumption is high & Economy is Required.
  2. It Is a Fast Drying Epoxy for Granite & Sand Stones to Provide gloss & polish on it.
  3. Useful where fast drying & filling of micro pin holes is required.
  4. It will give wet look to the Sand Stone & Highlight Natural Grains & Structure of the sand Stones.
  5. Also useful on Dark Granite where color is immaterial
  6. Mixing Ratio: 100 Part Resin + 50 Part Hardner & 100 Part Resin+ 50 Part Hardner
  7. Gel Time (in Minutes) in Bulk: 10 minutes
  8. Gel Time in Thin Coatings: 1-2 Hours
  9. Full Cure Time : 24 Hours
  10. ग्रेनाइट, बिदासर एवं जैसलमेर जैसे सैंड स्टोन्स जहां ईपॉक्सी खपत की मात्रा अधिक होती है।
  11. यह तेजी से सूखने वाला तथा अच्छी पॉलिश के साथ वेट लुक भी देता है ।