1. Stonex Epoxy 125 DL Having high purity ,weather proof ,low viscosity , fast drying , very thin epoxy to fill or rectify any cracks/ fissures.
  2. It will provide color darkening on granite when fully coated.
  3. High Penetration into fine and deep cracks.
  4. Provides better lamination,Suitable for resin line also.
  5. It also can be used on green marble for crack filling where high strength is required on soap stone lines/cracks.
  6. Useful for lakha Red, Merry gold ,Desert Gold,Multi Red ,Tan Brown Granite& Italian Marble.
  7. Available in Various Colors on Request.
  8. Mixing Ratio :4 part Resin+ 1 Part Hardner 100 Part Resin+ 25 Part Hardner
  9. Gel Time (in Minutes) in Bulk : 30 minutes
  10. Gel Time in Thin Coatings : 2-3 Hours
  11. Full Cure Time : 24 Hours
  12. ग्रेनाइट रंग को गहरा करने तथा बारिक एवं बड़े क्रैक को भरने का यह अति उत्तम स्टोनेक्स ईपॉक्सी है, रेजिन लाइन के लिए सर्वोत्तम है ।