Part A
  1. STONEX Mastic Paste UV Gel is a Two Component Clear Transparent Gel Like Paste to Fill Joint/Pin Holes of Marble /Granites.
  2. Stonex Mastic Paste UV Gel is a Clear ,Natural Colour Gel,Hence Can be used in Light Coloured Stones.
  3. Fast drying adhesive for Alaska,Italian marble to fill holes /big cracks and flooring joints.
  4. Stonex Mastic Paste UV Gel is mainly used in the Stone Working Industry for Bonding of Natural Stone as well as Artificial Stone.
  5. Stonex Mastic Paste UV Gel is a Low Yellowing Butter like Paste Easy to spread for perfect Filling.
  6. Mixing Ratio
  7. Stonex Mastic Paste Part A-100 Part
  8. Stonex Mastic Paste Hardner Part B-50 Part
Part B
  1. Shake well the mixture before Application
  2. The Application Process must be carried out in sunlight.Avoid rainy Season
  3. The Surface must be Clean & Dry
  4. Safety Goggles,Rubber Gloves are advised while working
  5. In case of contact with eyes,wash with water & seek medical Advise.
  6. स्टोनेक्स मास्टिक पेस्ट 150 UV जेल पानी जैसे कलर का पेस्ट है। जिसमें पीले होने की क्षमता बहुत कम है जिससे सफेद मार्बल या ग्रेनाइट में इसका है।