1. Stonex micro dark 135 DL is very thin liquid extremely low viscosity system
  2. Excellent Penetration into Micro fissures,works as a densifier, provides strength to the stone surface
  3. Stonex micro dark will provide colour darkening wet look to the granite with superior Gloss
  4. Available in various colours, superior colour darkener without using converter
  5. Stonex micro dark provides excellent Gloss & polish with longest coverage on Granites
  6. Stonex Micro Dark Intensity the Color of Granites, Providing the Stone Surface Shine as never Before
  7. Useful for Green pearl ,Lakha red,Merry Gold ,Desert Gold Multi Red ,Tan Brown Granites
  8. Mixing Ratio: 3 part Resin + 1 Part Hardner /100 Part Resin+ 35 Part Hardner
  9. Touch Dry Time : 3-4 Hours
  10. Gel Time in Thin Coatings: 3-4 Hours
  11. Full Cure Time : 24 Hours
  12. स्टोनेक्स माइक्रो डार्क सबसे पतला ,स्टोन सरफेस में उतरने वाला मटेरियल है जो ग्रेनाइट को डार्क गहरा करता है। और चमक व पोलिश अच्छी लाता है। इसका कवरेज़ भी सबसे ज्यादा आता है।