1. Stonex Fusion 150UV is Most Suitable for Automatic Resin Line.
  2. Stonex Fusion 150UV is used to fill /rectify cracks/pin holes with good Adhesive Strength & penetration.
  3. It is very useful on Italian Marble where big holes appears or having Cracks
  4. When fully coated on Italian Marble/Katni Marble,It will give Excellent gloss & enhance natural Structure /grains of the Marble.
  5. Most useful on Resin Line where good leveling & defaming is required.
  6. Suitable for Italian Marble/Katni Marble/Beige Marble/Alaska.
  7. Heat the Raw Slab ,apply Stonex Fusion 150UV with brush /roller at then again send it to resin line for heating up to 40-60o C for 2-3 Hours,Laminated Glossy finish Slab,Obtained
  8. Useful on Artificial Epoxy Slab, Semiprecious ,Stone Slab & Epoxy Flooring.
  9. Mixing Ratio : 2 part Resin + 1 Part Hardner
  10. 100 Part Resin+ 50 Part Hardner
  11. Gel Time (in Minutes) in Bulk: 30-40 minutes
  12. Gel Time in Thin Coatings: 3-4 Hours
  13. Full Cure Time : 24 Hours
  14. विशेष रूप से ईटालियन, कटनी एवं अलास्का हेतु निर्मित।
  15. STONEX™ FUSION 150 UV बड़े व् छोटे क्रैक को मजबूती के साथ भरती है तथा नेचुरल फिगर को उभरता है एवं यह रेजीन लाइन मशीनो के लिए विशेष उपयोगी है।