1. It is a Dark/Wet look penetrating sealer which highlight Natural Grains,Character,Forest Structure of Natural Stone.
  2. Makes Stone water & stain Resistant .
  3. Improves Natural color & Beauty of the stone without creating any film.
  4. बिना किसी फिल्म चढ़ाये नेचुरल पत्थर के रंगों को बरकरार रखती है तथा पानी तथा धब्बों के असर को समाप्त कर देता है यह स्टोन को गहरा करता है वह पोलिश को बढ़ाता है।
How to Use
  1. 1. Surface must be dry ,Clean& free from any dirt/coating.
  2. 2. Apply 1to 3 coats by dampening brush/cotton/Cloth/Sponge/pad & rub on the Surface.
  3. 3. Apply second coat whenFirst Coat remains wet.means apply wet on wet surface .Allow 15 min. drying time in between two coats.
  4. 4. Rub dry cotton clothor pad to absorb any excess sealer within 10 min. of final coating .leave the area 24 hour for full curing.
  5. 5. Because of possible decolouration ,it is advisable to carry out small test area.
  6. 6. Some porous surface require additional coats after full cure
  7. Packing 1litr & 25 litr